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weight loss vancouver wa
So many people think that the ONLY way to really lose weight is to do extreme low calorie dieting and big time seriously intense exercise. But, most who are taking this approach fail and only a very few ever succeed. There are fundamental flaws in most of today's current weight loss approaches and programs. We at Esynergy Weight Loss Center take a totally different approach by  identifying a person’s body type looking closely at the each person's hormone connection to how fat is burned in their body.

It is the ultimate and most effective in healthy fast weight loss and not just yet another impossible to stick to calorie-cutting diet program. It is a re-education on how to really burn fat quickly the healthy way by addressing all lifestyle activities. There are four main categories or different body types — body type referring to different levels of gland-hormone weakness.

Creating the right action plan for your body type is a much easier and faster way to keeping the weight off compared to current weight loss programs. Our weight loss specialty is working with difficult cases and frustrated people who have been everywhere and done everything and have failed to lose the weight. There is no greater pleasure in helping our weight loss clients finally either lose weight and get their ideal body, or handle a health issue that they have been struggling with.
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